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Reliable Equipments a Howrah(Kolkata) West Bengal in India is Manufacturers of Clarifiers.Clarifiers are Scrapper Mechanisms installed in Sedimentation tanks designed to maintain a steady overflow rate & controlled weir flow. Clarifier Mechanisms are designed to continously scrap the tank bottom in a very gentle spiral manner. The selected RPM ensures no disturbance to the settling & clear supernatant overflow pattern. Clarifier Mechanisms are equipped with Energy Dessipating Feedwell designed for specific Applications.


Mounting Type : Bridge Mounted or Pier Mounted.
Drive Type : Central Driven or Peripheral Drive.
Peripheral Type : Full Scrapper or Half Scrapper.
Mounting Type : Bridge Mounted or Pier Mounted.
Sweep Type : Single Sweep or Double Sweep.
Scum Removal : Single or Dual Balanced Skimmer.
Feed Well : Standard, High volume, Deep Design or High Energy Dissipating.
Sludge Sampling : Telescopic Sludge Sampling or Sampling Piping across all zones.


Size : Diameters ranging from 3 Meter to 60 Meter. Span.
Depths : Side Water Depths from 2 Meter to 7 Meter.
Bottom Slopes : 1 in 12 (4.76 degree), 1 in 10 (5.71 degree), 1 in 8 (7.12 degree) or Dual Slope Designs.
Construction Materials of Carbon Steel A36, A286, SA516, IS2062 or equivalent.
Construction Materials of Low Carbon Steels like INOX or Stainless Steels AISI304 AISI 316, AISI317 etc.